1997 was the 850th anniversary of the foundation of the Abbey so there were special events including a very successful Cistercian conference, an exhibition in Hereford Cathedral and a fascinating book, "The Definitive History of Dore Abbey" (shown below), edited by Ron Shoesmith and Ruth E. Richardson, was published. This has fifteen authors writing on different topics from people to architecture, history to decoration, the spiritual aspects to the monks as engineers, and more - something to interest everyone!

{abbey book cover} Left: "The Definitive History of Dore Abbey", published by Logaston Press, £14.95+p.p. Also available from The Friends of Dore Abbey. Right: An attractive Guidebook with lovely coloured photographs, written by Ruth E. Richardson, is on sale in the Abbey. {abbey guidebook cover}

In 1993, the Abbey needed restoration. The amount of money required was daunting but those who love the Abbey were determined to raise the money needed and formed The Friends of Dore Abbey to facilitate this. The Church is used for regular Anglican worship which you are welcome to attend. Guided tours are available. Visitors are welcomed to the concerts, plays, talks and other events which use the wonderful acoustics of the Abbey.

Right: The newsletter of the Friends', with a number of contributors and edited by Ruth E. Richardson, has a regular article about Dore Abbey, the Cistercians, the later history of the Laudian Church, or the area - the aim is to make it readable, enjoyable and informative. {newsletter image}

Dore Abbey is about a mile from Bacton Church where Blanche Parry's monument can be seen. It is also near to ancient sites such as Iron Age hillforts and Norman castles. Accommodation is available in local public houses, farmhouses and hotels, in the Golden Valley, at Hay-on-Wye, in the surrounding counryside and in the city of Hereford.