Points of Interest

The boss of the Abbot kneeling before the Virgin and Child has featured in exhibtions in London and Paris. All the bosses were deliberately saved at the dissolution, which must have been a tremendously difficult undertaking considering the height of the nave roof. One at least, Christ in Majesty, was saved a second time. It was used as a focal point in the new wall blocking the old nave, where it could be viewed through the glorious new screen build by John Abel. The screen carries the coats-of-arms of King Charles I, Viscount Scudamore, and Archbishop Laud.

High Church gave way to Puritan ideas - Laud was executed - and someone plastered over the boss which prevented its destruction. It was only found again by Roland Paul in c. 1902 when he carried out repairs.

There was a move to close the church but the Friends of Dore Abbey was formed in 1993 to raise money to help preserve and restore it. The Abbey is internationally known and the number of visitors continually increases. The Abbey is still functioning as a living church building.